The cerebral cortex of Albert Einstein

2013 Falk, D., Lepore, F., Noe, A. The cerebral cortex of Albert Einstein: A description and preliminary analysis of unpublished photographs, Brain 136 (4): 1304-1327.

Accompanying Editorial: Brain, 2013: 136; 987–989; doi:10.1093/brain/awt080
Examining photographs of Einstein’s brain is not phrenology!: OUPblog link Posted on Thursday, January 17th, 2013 at 3:30 am


From left to right: Weiwei Men (lead author), Dr. Dean Falk, Dr. Tao Sun, Dr. Mingxia Fan (Corr. Author), Weibo Chen, Dr. Jianqi Li, Dazhi Yin and Lili Zang; Dr. Department of Physics, Shanghai key Laboratory of Magnetic Resonance, East China Normal University, Shanghai

2013 Weiwei Men, Dean Falk, Tao Sun, Weibo Chen, Jianqi Li, Dazhi Yin, Lili Zang and Mingxia Fan. The corpus callosum of Albert Einstein‘s brain: another clue to his high intelligence?, Brain 136(4): 1304-1327