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Albert Einstein: Exploring the Realm of Physics

Final Project Einstein Boys 334x233
Eighth graders (left to right) Faraz Karim (13), Ali Rajabi (13) , and Justin Kim (14 ) prepared a website about Albert Einstein as a project for National History Day at Lime Kiln Middle School in in Fulton, Maryland.

Women in Science– Women in Evolution

The School for Advanced Research

in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is a unique think tank that supports anthropological scholarship.  The campus is gorgeous, has a fascinating history, and includes the very special Indian Arts Center:

To keep current in paleoanthropology

see the following links:

The Physical Anthropology Women’s Mentoring Network (PA WMN)

creates connections among the members, provides contact information for women at different professional levels, and coordinates regular meetings that allow network members to get to know one another. This group is a “safe zone” for inquiring about and discussing all issues relevant to women in physical anthropology at the graduate level and up. Permission for access may be requested at

For news at a broad scientific level

read ScienceNOW:”

To keep track of the debate about teaching evolution in public schools

visit the website of the National Center for Science Education:

To learn about the benefits of cosleeping with your baby

visit the website at:

Favorite article about Einstein

by Frederick Lepore:

Writing and the Arts

For great reads by a true adventuer, try Jon Kalb’s books.

Most recently, Hunting Tapir During the Great Flood: And Other Tales of Exploration and High Adventure (2012). Visit:

Best place to take dance and aerobics classes in Santa Fe, NM,

The Studio

My favorite Santa Fe artist (also an amazing dancer)

Up-and-coming artist, Yoshiko Murdick

Art columnist, Ben Davis